Athleisure Trend Must Haves For Women

In today’s article, I want you to have a look at athleisure trend and must-haves every woman needs. Every lady needs comfortable and practical clothes, but nobody wants to sacrifice with style, right? That’s why we do need to combine fashion and function together to create a fabulous look we can wear in our everyday lives. That’s where athleisure comes up for help. It turns performance wear into everyday wear, it blurs the lines between the gym clothes and everyday casual and smart-casual essentials. We are here to speak about how to wear joggers, workout pullovers, carryall bags, lightweight jackets and sneakers. Athleisure is all about casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. It’s totally okay to wear sportswear with everyday essentials creating absolutely stunning outfits that are both comfortable and chic. So, it’s time to invest in these athleisure must-haves.


It’s the same as sweatpants that you can wear outside the house. I do recommend to find the ones in a tailored fit, with a tapered leg that hits the ankle. I do love joggers that have an athletic stripe down the outside of each leg, it makes them look sporty, but gives you freedom in creating fabulous looks. Wear them with appropriate footwear and tops. Joggers can be tucked in combat boots, or teamed with classy heeled sandals or pumps. Speaking about tops, you can add a stylish crop top, graphic T-shirt, band jacket, bomber jacket or a colored sweatshirt.

Post Workout Pullover

It’s a cool layering piece that adds a pop of color to your outfit. It may make you feel like an old-school collegiate athlete, but you can easily pair it with a flared skirt, or layer it over a chic dress, or keep things urban cool by adding skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans that can be completed with a pair of stylish sneakers. It’s no wonder why this piece has made a comeback in a big way. It does look awesome with jeans for a casual weekend, as well as with a flirty skirt for a sweet date night look.

Carry All Bag/ Backpack

Looking for an athleisure accessory, then a backpack is exactly what you need. A carryall is a must-have accessory of every athleisure trend lover. It will be a perfect choice for when you are heading out for lunch or evening drinks. It is a nice addition for those who want to stick to a sleek, sporty vibe. A backpack will work perfectly.

Lightweight Jacket

It’s an ideal springtime choice. Choose a jacket that incorporates fun accents, like a drawstring waist, cool zippers, functional patch pockets, etc. I personally recommend trying one that is waterproof.


What I love the most about sneakers, they can drastically change any look. For instance, complete your cocktail dress with sneakers and you will automatically look athleisure inspired. Look fresh in white lace-up kicks styled with colored or neutral-hued separates. All in all, kicks is a great way to incorporate athleisure into your work wardrobe.

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