Best Colors For Dresses To Wear Now

Let’s talk about dresses. Today’s article is dedicated to my favorite dress colors. If you don’t marry the colors in your outfit, then you definitely lose your style. It’s important to strike the balance and know the style rules before you break them. This time I want to show you green dresses to wear anywhere you want, red dresses, black frocks and yellow styles that can easily make you look fresh and feminine. The latest fashion collections have given us a glimpse at the color palette we all gonna wear from work to parties. Read on to find tips and tricks on how to make your dress look great and special.

Green Dresses

Green color dresses come in different cuts, styles, and shades. It’s great to see that green color reappears everywhere around. Of course, green hue is a bit harder to wear and style than other colors. You definitely should choose complementary colors to make a green dress look perfect on you. It’s always cool to stumble onto something fun and unexpected. I personally love darker green hues that go with black and gold accents, this creates a mature, sophisticated look, an ideal combo for a business meeting and professional settings. Complete such look with gold bracelets, and earrings. For a more relaxed vibe, I recommend pairing the green dress with pastel hues, like blush and light blue, a nice contrast. This color combo will allow you to pair your dress with sneakers. A green dress looks awesome with purple pumps, or pink heels and matching the color bag. You can also complete your dress with a blue slim blazer or yellow heels. If you still don’t know what colors can match your dress, then let it be nude, beige or camel shoes. I know ladies who kept things simple and classic by adding black footwear and accessories. Other colors that match the green dress, are: white, and brown.

Red Dresses

A red dress is a classic wardrobe piece that suits lots of occasions. There are many options on how to make the red dress your perfect staple. As you all know, red comes in a variety of shades, that’s why you should choose the one that works with your skin tone. Choose the fit and cut which flatters your body type and adds a confidant to your look. Speaking of shoes, make sure to pick the ones in a matching similar shade of red, or in a neutral color, like white or black. I do love to see women who pair red with white accessories. The red dress looks amazing under a white blazer, but you can try white jewelry, like white pearls, white scarf or white hat work perfect. Not into white? Go for gold, black and silver, they work great for formal occasions.

Black Dresses

A black dress has a timeless power. It can be a nice choice for an office day, all you need is to layer your LBD over a white shirt with an embellished collar. The result gonna be both preppy and edgy. Your black dress might look boring, but you can always complete it with amazing bright color drop earrings, and bold print cut-out pumps. You can also make a wow impression during Sunday brunch with your friends, all you need is a black shift dress with long sleeves, denim jacket for an extra layer of warmth, bucket bag as your perfect carryall and cool high-top sneakers.

Yellow Dresses

You might find yellow dresses to be very hard to wear, but everything is possible. This color is not easy to pair with other colors, but you can always great accessories to wear with your yellow dress. Yellow is considered to be very strong and the key is not overdoing it. You can either go for a safe combo by teaming it with a black color or go for cool experiments. As I have already mentioned, it does look cool with black. It is a safe option: black shoes, black tights, black accessories, etc. If you want to try something bold, then printed accessories is a good way to start from. Try a yellow dress with bright prints, like leopard, florals and geometric patterns. Make a wow statement by wearing color blocking trend, you can go with green, purple, blue, pink and whatever hue you like, just keep your makeup neutral. The last combo I wanted to mention is a well known yellow and white. These two colors go amazingly well together.

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