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Long Sleeve Dresses To Wear Next 2017

If you are in search of something creative and unique, then I highly recommend to try on one of these 2017 long sleeve dresses. Next year’s designs come in plenty of fun prints and colors to choose from. I was shocked by the variety of styles. I promise, you gonna find your favorite style by looking through this compilation. Pick your favorites and style them wisely.


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Best Ideas On How To Wear Midi Dresses

Midi Dress (1)

It’s been a while since my last post! Today’s article is all about midi dresses and how to wear them now. In this compilation are gathered my favorite styles, including beloved 1970’s fluid designs, 1990’s inspired versions, sexy bodycon frocks, casual and 1950’s retro midi dresses. I am 100% sure each one of these dresses will make you look and feel very special. Why? The length is incredibly versatile and ideally fits any woman. If you still wondering what kind of dress to wear this season, then you better know: midis are still IN. If you are not familiar with this design, then I am here to help you. Midi means that the length of the frock passes your knees, or right around them, in other words saying, your knees will always be covered by this dress. The frock can be tight (bodycon), pencil, A-line, dressy, casual, refined, shift shaped, with sexy cut-outs, completed in lace, prints, leather. IN other words, sky is the limit to midis. No matter how you style it, you will always look fabulous in it. I might be wrong, but I truly think that midi frock is the best dress in the world that is known in fashion. Why? It fits all bodies, any occasion and you can wear it from day to night events. Anyway, you are more than welcome to read on and see billion of chic styles that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Slip-On Dresses To Invest In

In search of something sexy and sophisticated? If so, then you should give a try to slip-on dresses. In today’s post we are going to observe all my favorite designs, including the ones made of sheer, sleek fabrics, with sexy details, like lace embroideries, high slits and widely opened fronts, etc. What I love the most about this sexy frock, then its versatility allowing you to wear it to almost every place. By the way, no matter what is your body shape, you can still wear it. I am so obsessed with this frock right now. I remember those 1990’s when it was considered to be one of the best IT dresses in the world. It looks super minimal, hot, chic and uber simple. Anyway, if you want to know more about this pretty creation, then you better scroll down your mouse to find out more.

Slip-On Dresses (1)

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How To Wear A Black Dress Or LBD

I am so in love with black dresses. In today’s post I want to draw your attention to my favorite ways how to wear black dresses this summer season. I think everyone loves this color. It’s super versatile, makes you streamlined, sexy and ladylike. Thanks to latest collections we are free to wear anything we want. Some ladies think that black is a damn boring hue, but in real life, everything is different. If there is one color that fits its wearer like a glove, then it’s black. Of course, some ladies might say that wearing black during Summer months is the most stupidest thing. Why? Because it makes you sweat. In reality, everything depends on fabrics. Those of you who will wear heavy knit black dress will sweat anyway. I am not saying you are not allowed to wear colors, though black makes me feel comfy and fitted. Anyway, let’s have a look through my favorite black dresses for wearing this Summer season.

How To Wear A Black Dress Or LBD (1)

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What Dresses To Try This Summer

Hello there fashion ladies! My next post is all about dresses that are so must-have this Summer season. This one-piece garment is ideal for wearing anywhere you want. In this compilation we are going to see great designs that will serve you all Summer long. There are so many styles to choose from, including floral print creations, going-out frocks, shirt dresses, oversized designs, as well as maxi gowns, minis and other options. All you need is to find a style that fits your body perfectly. Anyway, read on to find out more.

Summer Dress (1)

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Your Ultimate Guide To Fall’s Best Dresses

Fall Dresses (1)

Hello fashion readers! You are lucky girls, as I am here with an ultimate guide to Fall’s season best dresses. If you are looking for a dress that will make you look chic during Autumn months, then you better take a look through these street style images and get inspired now. Each of these creations is easy to style and dress up. Everything depends on your personal tastes and preferences. You are about to see lots of interesting styles to choose from, including chiffon frocks, maxi gowns with long sleeves, shirt dresses, etc. If there is one aspect that needs to be followed, then it’s to use an appropriate footwear, like biker boots, over-the-knee boots, combat boots, as well as functional outerwear piece, like coat, leather or denim jacket or parka. Don’t forget about cold weather accessories, like beanies and scarves.

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Knitwear Trends: Sweater Dresses To Wear This Autumn

Knit Sweater Dress (1)

Today’s post is all about knits. Yes, we are going to talk about sweater dresses. This head to toe knitwear piece is a perfect way to feel comfort and make a real statement on the streets during chilly Fall season months. Of course, knitted dresses is not something new and groundbreaking, but nowadays many designer brands offer us so many interesting shapes, lengths and colors to choose from that I simply couldn’t ignore. Looking through all these creations I automatically started to feel all those 1970’s vibes. You can take this dress anywhere you want, starting from office, important meetings and casual street walks. Do I have your attention? If yes, then you better take a close up look at these images and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Read on to find out more.

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Slip Dresses You Need This Year

The 1990’s are back! Please welcome my favorite frock that looks and feels luxe, sexy and oh-so-special. Yes, I am talking about slip dresses. I gathered all my favorite styles you will need this year. I am pretty sure you gonna love each one of these designs. Why? They are sexy, sultry, extremely feminine, posh, glamour, as well as versatile. I am so happy to see it back on trend. I think many ladies adore this style for that special grunge meets glam vibe. As I have already mentioned, this dress is sexy and it comes with a kind of laid back feel. It’s so damn luscious and silky that I can wear it from bed to work, from work to parties and then again to bed, LOL. I think we better move on and read on to find out more about this beautiful clothing staple.

Slip Dress (1)

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Best Maxi Dresses To Wear This Summer

I’m gonna have a maxi gown this Summer! It’s time to talk about summer must-haves called maxi dresses. This beautiful garment can be used at all kind of events, starting from posh gatherings to casual street walks. It’s not a new trend, but we see so many interesting new design of this pretty staple. You can find pretty much everything in this compilation. Think of retro, 1970’s boho chic styles, strapless, loose, fitted, sexy cut-outs, short-sleeved, long sleeved, cami, jersey, silky, chiffon, cotton and many more. In other words saying, feel free to use your imagination.

Maxi Dress (1)

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LBD Is Back: Little Black Dresses Will Drive You Crazy This Year

Black dress will forever be that one and only piece that can be worn anywhere you want. This is a last minute choice that looks and feels really awesome. What is the secret you might ask me? Well, it’s all about the elegance of color that compliments your skin tone no matter if it’s dark or light. It does works for any occasion, starting from work to parties. This year we see new beautiful cuts and designs. Anyway, let’s have a close up look at some of my favorite black frocks. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Sexy Black Dresses (1)

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