How To Make Boyfriend T-Shirts Look Ideal On You

In today’s article I want to share with you my favorite ways how to make boyfriend T-shirts look ideal on you. This trend is inspired by 1990’s oversized band tees. Thanks to menswear fashion popularity we have chance to choose all kinds of tops and shirts. Personally, I love everything that looks relaxed and effortlessly cool. Forget about tight and skin fitted tops and try on something comfortable and easy to style. If you do like boyfriend jeans and blazers, then you really need to try on these T-shirts. All you need is to borrow your man’s or boyfriend’s tee and try it on with your everyday bottoms and accessories. Anyway, if you are interested, then you should take a close-up look through these marvelous outfit ideas and find out best ways how to make an ordinary boyfriend’s T-shirt look awesome on you.

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As I have already mentioned, you can achieve this trend by simply trying on (borrow) menswear inspired tee in one or two sizes up. To avoid looking hobo-inspired, I recommend to balance your new look by wearing fitted blazer, slim or skinny jeans, or tying a shirt around your waist. There are many ways how to make your lovely top look awesome. If you want to look and feel awesome in boyfriend tee in public, then you better follow some tips and tricks. The first look that popped in my mind is an office style that can be done thanks to a basic boyfriend tee that can act like an office blouse. Tuck it inside your lovely pencil skirt or office pants and top it off with a blazer. You can complete this look by adding statement necklace that will underline your individuality and femininity. If you are more into glamour look, then you should try on boyfriend tee styled with skinnies, mini shorts or dress. Complete this look by adding stiletto heels. If you want to make an impression on the streets, then how about wearing tee like a dress? Looks sexy and cool. Compliment this garment with cool sneakers or heels. Make sure your tee is long enough for hiding your butt. Personally, I love to wear my lovely tee in a more casual way by styling it with skinnies or sexy cut-offs. If you do want to look baggy and slouchy, then how about going totally oversized? Think of oversized denim shorts, jeans and tee.

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