IT Bags Are Back: Fanny Pack

My next post is devoted to tis year’s must-have bag called fanny pack. This is a new IT bag that has a badass look ideal for posh and glamour street walks on the town. I tell you honestly, I am sold on this accessory. Why? Your hands are free and it is safer for carrying your money, cards, etc. This is not a new trend, but it has a comeback this year. Just imagine yourself walking down the streets with free hands or carrying more shopping bags. Of course, you better act like a rich bitch, otherwise you can end up looking like a lost German tourist, LOL. Forget about basic shirts, flat sandals and bermuda shorts. You need SWAG! Well, like it or not, but this bag is back in trend. Today’s belted bags look sleek, sexy, elegant and redesigned, making us look sophisticated and professional.

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I am not saying you should say goodbye to classic handbags and totes, but you are free to choose whatever you like. We see tiny little bags around our waists that make our bottoms and tops look awesome. Imagine yourself wearing skirts, trousers or jeans completed with these tiny little bags. Yes, the result looks effortlessly cool and laid-back. Oh, byt the way, there are cool and funny geek-sporty versions that can make us cool and fabulous. All you need is to create a perfect outfit that will only make you look elegant and chic. Think of leather jackets, solid color tees and eye-catching bottoms. This IT bag makes us feel free and relaxed. Of course, you can’t carry all your stuff in such little bag, but you can place all your must-haves, like keys, money, phone, lipstick and credit cards. Anyway, scroll down to see all my favorite street style ways to wear fanny pack in real life. Would love to hear your thoughts about this accessory in the comments below.

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