Luxe Sweatshirt Trend To Try This Fall

If you want to make a real statement on the streets, then I recommend to try on luxe sweatshirt trend this Autumn season. This bulky top was reinvented several years ago. In today’s fashion this cool top is a perfect way to underline your athleisure vibe and keep things look sophisticated and original. I think all of you know that sporty chic style is a perfect choice for street walks. It’s not only for the gym classes or running. This lazy-weekends top is a must-have for today’s fashion gals. The off-duty look is back on trend this year. Anyway, I recommend to take a look through these marvelous street style images and choose your favorite sweatshirt.

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I think we should take a look through sweatshirt trend for this cold season and choose our favorites. Don’t be afraid, as I am here to help you out. Why do I love this top? It’s comfy, sophisticated, not too thick. Thanks to modern fashion brands we can find lots of printed versions, as well as brightly colored designs. It’s a perfect time to show it off and create that luxe glam appearance thanks to prints, graphics, sequins and texts. Personally, I love creating fabulous outfits by wearing oversized, cropped sweatshirts. If you want to know how to style it, then I recommend to try it on with a skirt. This combo is great for Friday’s office hours, going outs, meetings, sporty events and casual road trips. Go for a dressy look by teaming your favorite sweatshirt with a leather pencil skirt and high heels, or you can create a sexy look by teaming your bulky top with a mini skirt and cool sneaks. How about teaming chic sweatshirts with sporty trousers. The result looks sporty and extremely feminine. As I have already mentioned, I do like oversized sweats, that’s why I recommend you to try exaggerated styles by pairing them with skinnies, leggings, or shorts. The last but not least is sweatshirts worn like dresses. The result look glamour and functional.

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