Best Ideas On How To Wear Midi Dresses

Midi Dress (1)

It’s been a while since my last post! Today’s article is all about midi dresses and how to wear them now. In this compilation are gathered my favorite styles, including beloved 1970’s fluid designs, 1990’s inspired versions, sexy bodycon frocks, casual and 1950’s retro midi dresses. I am 100% sure each one of these dresses will make you look and feel very special. Why? The length is incredibly versatile and ideally fits any woman. If you still wondering what kind of dress to wear this season, then you better know: midis are still IN. If you are not familiar with this design, then I am here to help you. Midi means that the length of the frock passes your knees, or right around them, in other words saying, your knees will always be covered by this dress. The frock can be tight (bodycon), pencil, A-line, dressy, casual, refined, shift shaped, with sexy cut-outs, completed in lace, prints, leather. IN other words, sky is the limit to midis. No matter how you style it, you will always look fabulous in it. I might be wrong, but I truly think that midi frock is the best dress in the world that is known in fashion. Why? It fits all bodies, any occasion and you can wear it from day to night events. Anyway, you are more than welcome to read on and see billion of chic styles that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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What To Wear To Rooftop Parties

In love with parties? If your answer is YES, then you better read on, as I am here to show you best outfit ideas to wear to rooftop parties during Summer months. As you all know, there are never too many summer parties, so you better have a look through these great combos and ideas to get inspired by this hot season. In this compilation are gathered cool slipdresses, rock band tees worn with shorts and wide-brim hats, lace cover-ups, knitted open front cardigans, simple tees tucked in denim cut-offs, ripped jeans, long vests, minimalistic shift-dresses and lots of awesome accessories and jewelry items. I am pretty sure you gonna like my ideas of all these great combos for rooftop parties. Of course, everything depends on your party’s dress code, but I’ve got some hot, damn and cool ideas for you to get inspired by. All you need is to choose appropriate looks to try on your next party.

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One Earring Trend To Buy Now

In love with everything new, eye-catching and glamour? If so, then you are more than welcome to read my next post what is devoted to one earring trend. I am so obsessed with it right now. I gathered all my favorite one earring designs that look fabulous and can be worn with all your favorite outfits, starting from casual to formal separates and dresses. You are about to see cool studs, bangles, fringed, feathered, pearl, drop earrings, etc. If you seek for fabulousness, then you better have a look through these images and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Patchwork Outfit Ideas For Creative Ladies

If you do like creative fashion then you should give a try to patchwork trend this year. I am here to share with you all my favorite and creative outfit ideas that feature patchwork garments and accessories. In this street style compilation are gathered my favorite patchwork denim parkas, cool tailored coats, office style tops, cool dresses, bombers, bags and jeans. I am 100% sure you gonna fall in love with all these outfits. I am so amazed to see such brilliant ideas. The patchwork trend is massive this year, so you better take a close up look at these prints and patterns to buy yourself something new, fresh and eye-catching. I tell you honestly, every piece showcased in these street style images smells 1970’s and 1990’s inspired. Personally, I think of hobo and hippie girls when I see these looks. Anyway, I think we better take a detailed look through these outfits and get inspired right now.

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Best Ways To Style Ankle Boots (Outfit Ideas)

If you do love ankle boots, then this post is made specially for you, my dear lady! In today’s article I want to draw your attention to the best ways how to style ankle boots. I am pretty much convinced everyone loves ankle boots for their versatility. Indeed, everyone can wear them, regardless of season, your age, body size and style choice. Indeed, you are free to wear them in spring, fall and winter months. Personally, I’ve got them in my must-have list for cold season days. This footwear is what we wear in our everyday lives, starting from Mondays to Sundays, from mornings to late nights. By the way, there are thousands of cool outfit ideas to create thanks to ankle boots.

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Best Leather Jackets To Wear Now

I know many of you want to make a real statement on the streets, that’s why I decided to create this compilation of best leather jackets to wear now. I think everyone will agree with me that leather jacket is number one outerwear in the world of fashion. Why? Because it is used both by men and women in Winter and Summer months. This is a craziest jacket that can be worn with anything you want! You are free to wear it for simple walks on the town, dancing clubs, fancy parties, as well as to work. No matter if you are an office lady, bank auditor, designer or schoolgirl, you are allowed to wear this marvelous garment anywhere you want. I tell you honestly, I am having a very serious relationship with this piece of clothing, so you better look through all these possible and impossible outfit ideas and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Regardless of what you are wearing underneath, you are always welcome to layer it with a cool leather jacket.

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Long Coats for Women

Long Coats Styles for Women (1)

If you do like cozy outerwear, then you should give a try to long coats this year. Today’s topic is long coat trend. Why do we love these creations so much? I think it’s all about their versatility that makes us look both bright and sophisticated. In this street style compilation I tried to gather all my favorite outfit ideas that feature cozy coats and trench coats made of heavy wool fabrics in earth hues. When I see ladies in these bulky outerwear pieces, I automatically start to think of normcore trend. Of course, there are lots of coat types to choose from, but the length makes them look very similar with each other. Yes, you are free to choose whatever long coat you want, including grey big designs, military green versions, pink coats, the ones colored in pastel hues, camel must-haves, as well as classic black essentials. My personal favorite is camel coat in wrap style. Anyway, read on to see all my favorite long coats to wear in your everyday life.

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Slip-On Dresses To Invest In

In search of something sexy and sophisticated? If so, then you should give a try to slip-on dresses. In today’s post we are going to observe all my favorite designs, including the ones made of sheer, sleek fabrics, with sexy details, like lace embroideries, high slits and widely opened fronts, etc. What I love the most about this sexy frock, then its versatility allowing you to wear it to almost every place. By the way, no matter what is your body shape, you can still wear it. I am so obsessed with this frock right now. I remember those 1990’s when it was considered to be one of the best IT dresses in the world. It looks super minimal, hot, chic and uber simple. Anyway, if you want to know more about this pretty creation, then you better scroll down your mouse to find out more.

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Punk Rock Fashion Trend is Back

Punk Rock Fashion Trend And Outfit Ideas (1)

Hi mom, I am a punk! My next post is dedicated to punk rock lovers. I am about to share with you an awesome street style compilation of ladies who appear in edgy leather jackets, sheer T-shirts, rock band tees, studded vests, glossy jackets completed with fur collars, sexy thigh-high boots, metallic accessories, fur, chains, chokers, plaids, ripped tights, studs, spikes, black leather pieces, military accents and other eye-catching items, as well as heavy makeup. If you do want to look dramatic this year, then you better try on all these dark, sexy, sleek and dramatic outfits. Personally, when I see these images, I automatically start to think of BDSM. Why? Look at all these spikes, studs, grommets, zip closings, chunky flat ankle-boots, sexy thigh-high boots, cool belts, chain necklaces and rings. Smells like 1990’s!

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What Are Must-Have Sweaters for Fall

These sweaters are made for cozying up! Hello everyone! Today’s article is dedicated to must-have sweaters to wear this fall season. Yes, I am here to talk about survival kit that will underline your individuality and warm you up. No matter on which continent you live, I think everyone needs at least one sweater in her or his closet. Sometimes, when it’s night, I feel myself cold, that’s why I have my lovely cable knit sweater that I layer with T-shirt, button down shirt or under my lovely jacket. Anyway, we are here to talk about trendy sweaters, that’s why you better read on to find out more.

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