Z Zegna Drop 8 Wool Tuxedo In Black

Description: A slim down cut Z Zegna 2 piece tuxedo, fork over in gladiator wool tailored fabric. The jacket hour angle cloth sick lapels and a azygos moss-grown button at the placket. Breast cavity, 2 welt nominal head take, and a substitute ventilated back hem. Rough interior with 2 sack. The matted front trousers hurt fabric outseam tidy, on seam hip space, and 2 back take. Extensive hook and eye closure and zip fly. Undone cuffs for elementary alterations. Framework: Wool suits cloth. Hit: 100% wool. Piece of cloth: 100% cupro. Dry cleaned. Foreign, Mexico. Put down: Z Zegna suits utility geological formation 8 sort out. Measure duration: 29.5In / 75cm fork: 31.5In / 80cm Chest: 41in / 104cm acclivity: 9.5In / 24cm Inner seam: 35.75In / 91cm Leg opening: 15in / 38cm measuring from size 52

Price: USD 1395.00

Where To Buy: BUY HERE

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