Shirts, Jackets And Coats With Popped Collars Trend

Keep it real! Today’s post is devoted to my favorite trend called popped up collars. You are about to see my favorite street style images of ladies who appear on the streets wearing shirts, jackets and coats with popped collars. Imagine yourself all those 1970’s inspired movies and fashion, where Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot appear with popped up collar shirts and jackets. This tiny little detail gives a certain coolness and effortlessly chic appearance. No matter how simple is your outfit, you can make it look fabulous with just a little pull.

Popped Collar (1)

If you want to make a big statement, then you better pop up your collar! Of course, it’s not a new trend, but it does looks awesome on everyone. Plus, it’s a functional thing that hides you from the cold. This detail is like wearing sunglasses, it automatically makes you look better with it. Some say it gives you a kind of rock and roll attitude. Personally, I like that messy look that is created by lifting up your jacket’s or coat’s collar. If there is a kind of rule to popping the collar, then it’s all about feeling rockstar inspired, as well as having that very cool and relaxed attitude. I love to see ladies wearing their shirt underneath jumpers or sweaters with popped up collars. The last but not least tip of looking cool with popped up collar is to keep your outfit basic, or somewhat French chic inspired.

Popped Collar (2)

Popped Collar (3)

Popped Collar (4)

Popped Collar (5)

Popped Collar (6)

Popped Collar (7)

Popped Collar (8)

Popped Collar (9)

Popped Collar (10)

Popped Collar (11)

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