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What Shoes To Wear This Summer

Hello my dear fashion ladies! Today’s article is devoted to the best Summer shoes. Woman can’t have too many shoes and we all know it! Why? It’s a fact that should be known by heart. There will always be a pair that will suit your dress better than the ones you already own. In this post I gathered my favorite 10 pairs of different shoe styles that will spice up your Summer looks. You gonna be wowed to see amazing textures, different colors, textures and details. It’s a well known fact that we all love to spend much money on shoes. This Summer we see gorgeous designs that can be used during all kinds of occasions.

Summer Shoes Styles For Women (1)

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1990s Shoes Trends That Made a Comeback

In love with 1990s shoes? If so, then you are welcome to take a look through this awesome compilation of ladies 90’s shoes trend. I gathered best street style looks that will surely inspire you to try on cool footwear. We are lucky to see tourists sandals, velcro strapped shoes, Birkenstocks, high-platform sandals, pool side flip-flops, jelly creations, foam-soled-humongous shoes, chunky sandals, etc. If you are sick and tired of all those stiletto heels and high-heeled pumps, then you better take a close up look at my favorite street style images. Hope these outfit ideas will inspire you to create something new and original. Read on to find out more.

1990s Shoes Trends That Made a Comeback (1)

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15 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals

Hello fashion ladies! In today’s article I want you to have a look through my favorite street style images where ladies appear in Birkenstocks sandals. These shoes are back on trend and you better have them on your feet. Personally, I am so much in love with this normcore look. Why? This ugly footwear can easily grab everyone’s attention. Just imagine yourself wearing 1990’s basics, like T-shirts, or jerseys teamed with mom jeans and completed with birkenstocks. The result looks insanely hot. Anyway, I’ve got some other interesting ideas for you to try, all you need is to read on.

15 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (1)

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