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How To Wear Capes

Yes, we are going to talk about functional outerwear pieces called capes. I remember those times when this clothing piece was considered to be one of the weirdest ones. Time goes on and I see lots of skeptical ladies who appear on the streets wearing beautiful and structured capes. Truth to be told, I see that capes are used more than coats these days. I see nothing wrong in this trend. The look of this beautiful outerwear piece makes me think of something sophisticated, ladylike and elegant. Like it or not, but capes are here to stay! Read on to see all my favorite ways how to style cape and look awesome.

How To Wear Capes - Cape Outfit Ideas (1)

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Approved Ways How To Wear Ponchos, Capes And Blankets

Approved Ways How To Wear Ponchos, Capes And Blankets (1)

Feel like trying on something creative and original, then you better call me, as I’ve got something that will make you stand-out from the crowd. Yes, I’m talking about ponchos, capes, cloaks and blankets. The following creations come in so many interesting styles, starting from bohemian, gypsy, hipster inspired to tailored and office-appropriate. The result looks very luxurious, expensive and cozy. The great thing about these outerwear pieces is the versatility and ability to wear with anything you want. No matter if it’s cape, poncho or blanket, they all are IN this season.

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