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What Shoes To Wear This Summer

Hello my dear fashion ladies! Today’s article is devoted to the best Summer shoes. Woman can’t have too many shoes and we all know it! Why? It’s a fact that should be known by heart. There will always be a pair that will suit your dress better than the ones you already own. In this post I gathered my favorite 10 pairs of different shoe styles that will spice up your Summer looks. You gonna be wowed to see amazing textures, different colors, textures and details. It’s a well known fact that we all love to spend much money on shoes. This Summer we see gorgeous designs that can be used during all kinds of occasions.

Summer Shoes Styles For Women (1)

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Shoes Fashion Trends 2016: Lace Up Heels

Hello again! This time we are going to see best ways how to wear lace up heels. In this street style compilation are gathered my favorite fashion trend: shoes completed with laces. I am so in love with these elegant and feminine designs that can make any lady look timelessly chic and sophisticated. If you think that lace-up heels are meant only for wearing with cocktail dresses and elegant suits, then you better think twice, as you gonna see ladies who look awesome wearing lace-up heels worn with smart-casual and casual everyday basics. I know many girls who wear sexy lace-up heels styled with sultry leather mini shorts, denim cut-offs, graphic tees, boyfriend jeans and other down-town basics. Anyway, hope you gonna fall in love with this compilation.

Lace Up Heels For Summer 2016 (1)

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