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Slip Dresses You Need This Year

The 1990’s are back! Please welcome my favorite frock that looks and feels luxe, sexy and oh-so-special. Yes, I am talking about slip dresses. I gathered all my favorite styles you will need this year. I am pretty sure you gonna love each one of these designs. Why? They are sexy, sultry, extremely feminine, posh, glamour, as well as versatile. I am so happy to see it back on trend. I think many ladies adore this style for that special grunge meets glam vibe. As I have already mentioned, this dress is sexy and it comes with a kind of laid back feel. It’s so damn luscious and silky that I can wear it from bed to work, from work to parties and then again to bed, LOL. I think we better move on and read on to find out more about this beautiful clothing staple.

Slip Dress (1)

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Sheer Tops With Bright Bras: Must-Try Combinations

In love with femininity and sexiness, then you should take a close up look at these marvelous combos that feature ladies in sheer tops with bright bras. Every outfit looks extremely ladylike and hot. This is too sexy for ladies NOT to try it. Just imagine yourself wearing cool neon color bandeau bikinis, leather bralettes, classic black bras, floral, crazy printed, as well as lace bra tops underneath sheer, deep-neckline tops and dresses. Welcome back those good old 1990’s days when showing our bras was a cool thing. All in all, if you are ready to expose your bra, then you better read on to find out more.

Sheer Tops With Bright Bras (1)

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Hottest Bustier and Bra Tops To Wear This Summer

Sexy Bustiers and Bra Tops (1)

Today’s topic is bustier tops and bras trend. This clothing piece is an ideal choice for showing off your personality and seductiveness. If you want to make this Summer season to be hot and special, then you better try it on. It’s an ideal time for showing-off your perfect body, by wearing cropped, bustier tops, skin-tight jeans and tiny little shorts. You might say it looks pretty much vulgar, maybe, but it does looks kinda fun, quirky and sexy!

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