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How To Wear Platforms And Flatform Shoes

In search of eye-catching Summer shoes? If so, then you are more tan welcome to try on platform and flatform shoes. This must-have footwear is great for wearing in your everyday lives. I guess we all should forget about stiletto heels and try on something more comfortable, am I right? Think of 1970’s and Spice Girls. I know many ladies hate platform shoes, but what is so horrible in them? Well, they are not flattering, but they do look edgy and sophisticated. It feels like high fashion meets normcore. Yes, they look kinda weird and ugly, but those of you who want to make a statement, then you better go for them! In this compilation you are about to see awesome street style ways how to wear high-sole Oxfords, chunky block heeled platform sandals, platform slides, high sole loafers, etc. Anyway, scroll down to find out more.

How To Wear Platforms And Flatform Shoes (1)

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